Good Words

"My involvement with WTA and the play development workshops gave me permission to write--an invalubale experience. The encouragement to write and the safety net of support from other members and participants were worth their weight in gold. I'm not a fan of the word 'network' because it is a tired word with corporate connotations; however, WTA is a powerful source for connections. I am continually amazed at the wonderful things--relationships, theater companies, plays, etc.--which have come into being as a result of those connections. Long may it thrive!"  Jennifer Dotson, WTA founding member and past president

"Over the years, I have watched, and sometimes participated, as Chicago's Women's Theatre Alliance has gone from great idea with plenty of potential to the living, breathing embodiment of that potential.Through its classes, panels, play development workshops, solo performance workshops and other programs, this organization has won a reputation as a training ground, and a proving ground, for female playwrights, directors, actors and dramaturges. The readings from the New Play Development Workshops in particular have drawn larger and larger crowds each year. Audiences know that the NPD Workshops offer exciting new works, directed by some of Chicago's best directors. Ther eadings I have seen from the NPD Workshops have been of exceptionally high quality, beautifully showcasing the works of such fine local writers as Carson Becker, Nambi E. Kelley, Wanda Strukus, Joanne Koch,Lisa Rosenthal and many others. Many of the writers have gone on to have their work produced in Chicago and around the country."  --Lisa Dillman, Artistic Associate at Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, former Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists Workshop and former WTA workshop teacher and panelist

"Collaborative programs are crucial to a playwright's growth. Nothing is more important, hands down, for the development of good plays."  --Carson Grace Becker, author of the Jeff Award-winning play A Mislaid Heaven and NPD Workshop participant

"WTA's play development workshops are a great way to network with fellow playwrights, directors and actors and learn from people connected with local theatre organizations. The New Plays Festival provided me with aforum to have my work heard for the first time. It allowed me to introduce my work to area producers and helped me make contacts that have enriched my creative life."  --Lisa Rosenthal, playwright working with the Downstage Left Project at Stage Left Theater