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Actors' Scene Showcase

Dates for the 2017 Actors' Scene Showcase:  

Auditions:  Saturday, November 11, 2017
Tech:  Monday night, December 4, 2017
Show:  Wednesday night, December 6, 2017

Download the 2017 Showcase
Rules and Application (by clicking on the underlined words)

For the Scene Showcase donation, click on the link below, enter "Scene Showcase” at the top by clicking "Special Instructions," then enter the amount of $10 (for you) or $20 (for both you and your scene partner), and complete your donation.  (You do not need a PayPal account.)  Both actors must donate to complete their team application, or one actor can donate for both. 

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Curious about the process? Read on!

The Actors' Scene Showcase consists of ten 5-8 minute two-actor scenes chosen by a panel of local theatre directors.  The Showcase features twenty local actors performing for an invited audience of agents, casting directors and other theatre professionals, as well as for the general public.

Originally modeled after showcases in New York and Los Angeles, the Actors’ Scene Showcase has been a great success for the Women’s Theatre Alliance and its participants for over two decades, serving as a springboard for many acting careers.

WTA invites two women or woman and man to perform a 5 to 8 minute, two person scene of their choosing before a panel of local directors on Saturday, November 11th from 10am to 5:30pm at Stage 773.  The top ten scenes from these auditions will perform in the Showcase on Wednesday, December 6 at Stage 773 for agents, casting directors, and the public.  This year is our 25th annual.  You must be available on December 4 and 6, from 6-10 PM, for the rehearsal and show.  Download the application and rules on this page, above.  Deadline for applications is Oct. 13. 

The Showcase is attended each year by casting directors and talent agents including, in the past, representatives from ATC, The Artistic Home, Bailiwick Chicago, Chicago Dramatists, Court Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Gray Talent, Lily's Talent, Metropolis Performing Arts Center, MPAACT, The New Colony, Oak Park Festival Theatre, O'Connor Casting, Paskal Rudnicke Casting, Porchlight Musical Theatre, Remy Bumppo Theatre, Shirley Hamilton, The Side Project, Stage Left, Steppenwolf Theatre, Stewart Talent, Stockyards Theatre Project, Theatre Hikes, Walkabout Theatre, Writers Theatre, and many more. 

If you're an ACTOR interested in auditioning a scene for the Showcase, you will need to choose a two-person scene, a scene partner, and a director, and then register by the deadline of October 13. Auditions will be held on Saturday, November 11.  Audition slots are awarded based on resumes and prior Showcase auditions, as there are always more applications than there are slots.  Scenes may come from an original work or a published work, but it must be a scripted scene and not improv. Your performances are judged as fully realized scenes, and are selected based on the state they are in at the time of the auditions. You do not work with anyone from the WTA between the time of the auditions and the Showcase. 

Scene Choice:   The purpose of the event is to showcase the actors, using material that suits the actors and suits the 5-8 minute format. Each year there is always a wide variety of scenes at the auditions and the Showcase.  The 5-8 minute scenes are most commonly taken from full-length plays or one-acts, though the scenes do not have to come from published material.  Newer and lesser-known works, if they are well written, have one advantage: the director-judges have not seen them dozens of times before.  A few excellent Showcase scenes in the past have come from unpublished works by up and coming playwrights. However, the event is not a competition for new or actor-written material.  If you plan to audition a self-written scene or a work-in-progress, keep in mind that your competition for the most part will come from published works, rather than from other self-written scenes. We don't want to discourage you from presenting new material, just to be aware of your competition.  

If after reading the rules and application you have further questions, please email:  draysa1@gmail.com.