Good Words

25th Annual Actors' Scene Showcase

Please join us on Wednesday, December 6 at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave, at 7:30 p.m. for our 25th Annual Actor's Scene Showcase. Tickets can only be acquired at the door for a $10 suggested donation, by cash or card.  Thank you to all 36 talented teams who auditioned!  This year we will feature the following 10 wonderful acting teams, in alphabetical order:

Sarah Joy Adler & Bernadette Sefic
Fiona Garretson & Max Stewart
Kristin Hammargren & Annelise Dickinson
Sabrina Harms & Cory Kahane
Nora King & Moriah Martel
Kris Lantzy & Nathaniel Andrew
Philip Lindsey & Jazzma Pryor  
Phoebe Moore & Sam Shankman
Alexandria Moorman & Peter G. Andersen
Mary Tilden & Katherine Bourne

Runner-up teams:
Brian Hurvitz & Anna Donnell
Andy Polacek & Charlee Cotton

For more information, please visit our Actors' Scene Showcase page. 

For general donations, click here

The Women's Theatre Alliance of Chicago is an organization devoted to supporting, promoting and showcasing Chicago's female theatre artists.

WTA is a union of theatre artists (female and male) and theatre organizations which support women, helping to promote leadership and provide opportunity within the theatre community. Alliance members are encouraged to share their advice, knowledge and expertise in the hopes of creating an environment of mutual support and unity in which women's theatre can flourish. WTA works to build a unified voice so that we can more effectively be advocates for women in theatre, publicize and promote our members and increase positive public awareness of our goals.  WTA has been serving the Chicago community since 1992.

WTA is committed to: 

*facilitating the development of dramatic works with, by and about women.

*promoting women's leadership in the Chicago theatre community.

*providing a unique network of theatre artists and share in their diversity.

*creating artistic opportunities for theatre artists.

President: Sara Keely McGuire

Vice-President: Cheri L. McGuire

Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Dray

Members-At-Large: Brenda E. Kelly and Katie Carey Louden